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About Us

About Us

As the first authentic Xi'an restaurant in Cambridge, our goal is very clear: to provide the most authentic Xi'an cuisine for diners from China, the UK and elsewhere!

As the concept conveyed in the documentary "A Bite of China" which has been broadcast on BBC, tasting Chinese special dishes means not only tasting the flavours of food, but also the taste of home for overseas Chinese. For diners from other countries, it means experiencing different cultures.


Our Story

There was a couple who came to the UK from China ten years ago with a dream of starting a business. There was a girl who came to the UK from China ten years ago with the dream of speaking fluent English. Here they met and became best friends and were as close as sisters! As keen foodies, they had the same idea of opening a restaurant in the UK. It took them three years to overcome all difficulties and finally they turned an idea into reality. On September 27, 2018, 1 + 1 rougamo was born!

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